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10 Amazing Holiday Activities in New York City

New York City offers up the quintessential winter holiday experience. When you hear the song “Christmastime in the City,” you surely picture the streets of NYC lit up with white lights and the huge ornate tree in front of the Rockefeller Center. If you want to be filled with holiday spirit, NYC is the place to be.

Top Festive Activities: 


  • Grab a festive drink in the morning at Rolf’s
  • Check out the Christmas markets and food stands at Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station
  • Go ice skating at places like Rockefeller Center and Central Park
  • Walk down 5th Avenue and watch the light show at Sak’s Fifth
  • Check out the window displays at Macy’s
  • See the Rockette’s perform
  • Visit Trinity Church

Non-Festive Activities: 


  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Visit the One World Observatory
  • See a Broadway Show

Holidays in New York City Tips:

  • It is almost impossible to see everything in one weekend. There is just way too much to see, and traffic makes traveling from one area to the next time-consuming. We’ve been at least 7 times now, and still have not seen everything we’d like to see. Check out our Perfect Weekend in New York City post for an alternative itinerary that includes some other amazing sites.
  • Wear comfortable waking shoes. Even if you are catching a ride or subway, you will end up doing a lot of walking.
  • Where you stay makes a huge difference in the time it will take you to see the major sites. We recommend staying near Times Square for this itinerary.
  • Since it can be pretty cold around this time in the city, we recommend catching a ride or taking the subway. We were pleasantly surprised by our first time taking the subway this Christmas trip due to the price and efficiency getting around.

Places to Eat and Drink For the Holidays in New York City:

Rolf’s Restaurant 

Although they have beautiful Christmas ornaments covering the ceiling all year round, there is something magical about experiencing it around Christmas time. Make sure to get there early as the line can be extremely long. The food gets mixed reviews, but the festive drinks are worth trying. Please note if you don’t like crowded places, then you might want to skip this as it’s a small place and you will be standing elbow to elbow in the tiny space. Try to snag a spot near the window with your drink and is not so bad.

Food Stands & Christmas Markets

Besides Rolf’s, this post is a little different than our other post as you get to experience foodie heaven with all the amazing Christmas markets around the city. Thus, we recommend trying any of the many food stands that catches your eye. One notable stand was the one that serves Raclette, a Swiss cheese that is melted down and scraped onto bread or a sandwich. We also recommend grabbing some hot chocolate or apple cider to warm up and sip while shopping.

Final Thoughts

Remember to check out our Perfect Weekend in New York City post for an alternative itinerary of the city and some other amazing sites!

What is your favorite thing to see around Christmas in New York City? Let us know your thoughts and if we missed anything in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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