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15 Things To Know Before Going To The Formula 1 Race In Austin (1)

To be honest, we did not plan our trip to Austin for the Formula 1 race. We planned a birthday weekend to Austin and San Antonio, and when we tried booking the hotel, everything was sold out. It was crazy! We had already booked our flight and were 4 months out from the scheduled trip. We wondered what was going on that weekend to make all of the hotels completely full. That’s when we discovered the Formula 1 race was happening the same weekend!


We have always watched clips of Formula 1 on tv when flipping channels with cars racing through the streets of Monaco and topping speeds around 200 mph. We have definitely dreamt what it would be like to go in person, but didn’t realize they tour in the US, so we decided to go and check it out on one of the days we were visiting Austin. Justin Timberlake was playing after the race so that was also a plus. Little did we know how much we would enjoy the race and how it would be the highlight of our entire trip. And next year, we plan to go for the entire weekend. However, as first-time novices, we learned a lot from this experience that we wish we knew beforehand. We want to share them with you in case you are going for the first time.


Here is our list of the 15 things to know before going to the Formula 1 Race in Austin:

  1. Book travel and hotel early
  2. Don’t be afraid to check out Air BNBs 
  3. Try to stay downtown near the convention center
  4. Take a shuttle to Circuit of the Americas (Shuttles run continuously from the convention center. It’s a 20 minute round trip to McAngus lot, but you’ll need to walk about another mile to get to front gate or take cart ride. You can also pay $50 for a round trip to the front gate)
  5. Don’t bring a Go Pro.IMG_0323 
  6. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and recreational activities.
  7. Wear sunscreen!
  8. Check out the signing schedules and music line up beforehand if you’re only going one day.
  9. Check out the other activities available and make reservations online ahead of time. These included Topgolf, COTA Karting, and the observation deck.
  10. Reserve a seat to avoid the hassle of having to stake out a lawn spot. Seats in turns 15, 18, 19, and 1 seem to see the most action.
  11. Despite what it says online, we saw a lot of people with backpacks over 12 x 12 in.
  12. Bring a seat cushion or towel.
  13. Bring or purchase earplugs. Regular in-the-ear headphones should work.
  14. Check out the weather beforehand and dress accordingly. If it’s supposed to be hot, dress lightly as there are not many places to escape the sun unless you have a VIP ticket or lounge access. You might want to bring a light jacket for night– it gets cooler when the sun sets. 
  15. Head to the super-stage area early if you want to be anywhere near the stage. We recommend an hour early to be safe. 

We hope you find these tips helpful! We would love to hear other tips if you have them, especially since we only went one day and plan to go again. Please leave your suggestions or questions in the comments section below!

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