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The Perfect 3-Day Weekend in Belize

Belize in a 3 Days: Travel Tips, Suggested Itinerary, and Top Hotels/Restaurants/Activities


Day 1

  • Arrive in Belize City
  • Take a short 15 minute flight via Maya Island or Tropic Air, or a one hour ferry to San Pedro.
  • Kick off relaxation mode with a spa treatment at Victoria House Spa
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner at Victoria House

Day 2 

  • Snorkel at Ho Chan Marine Park and Shark Ray Alley 
  • Take a golf cart into town for lunch at Blue Water Grill
  • Eat local chocolate at the Belize Chocolate Company
  • Drive up and down the 3 main streets of town to check out the different shops 
  • Head back to the hotel around 3 pm
  • Get picked up at the hotel for a snorkel/sunset sail adventure at Mexico Rocks
  • Enjoy dinner at the Victoria House or grab dinner in town if you’re up to it

Day 3 

  • Depart for a full day (12 hour) zip lining and cave tubing tour on the mainland 
  • Return to hotel around 5:30 pm
  • Enjoy the best meal of the entire trip at Elvi’s for dinner


  • Bring bug spray 
  • Note you have to arrange another form of transportation to get to Ambergris Cay from Belize City. The flights are very short (15 minutes) and safe. Otherwise, you can take a 1-hour ferry. Both options offer multiple times a day. We even arrived early into Belize City and were able to take an earlier flight with Maya Island Air. You may be able to book the transportation when you get there, but it is not recommended, especially during season.
  • Bring water shoes for cave tubing or you can rent a pair for $5 USD
  • USD or Belizean dollars are accepted ($2 BZE to $1 USD)
  • Follow golf cart rules 
  • Don’t touch the sea turtles when snorkeling 
  • Bring a water proof camera
  • Bring extra cash to tip and note that Victoria House adds a 10% gratuity to food service 
  • Peak season spans from November to April
  • Tropic Airways offers group flight tours to see the Blue Hole at 11 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays only for $269 per person. You have to charter a private plane on any other day if you want to see it from above, which can get really pricey.
  • Hurricane season: June 1 – November 30

Image-1 (5)


Blue Water Grill

We loved the view and the food even more! They even have a cool “I love Belize” lighted sign that is a perfect backdrop for pictures. Here is what we ordered: pork belly/fish tacos and snapper taquitos

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6).jpgElvi’s

Arguably the best restaurant on the island and it has been there for over 40 years! The ambience is super cool too as the have sand on the floor of the seating area with a lighted tree in the middle of the restaurant.

Image-1 (2)Reservations are not needed unless you visit during the peak season. Here is what we recommend: shrimp coconut curry, fried whole fish snapper, crab lovers app, and coconut pie for dessert 

Victoria House 

Very convenient if you’re staying at the hotel as you can dine in the restaurant, outside, at the bar, or even at the pool. Plus, the food is excellent. Here are our favorites:

  • breakfast: Victoria’s omelet, breakfast burrito, Caribbean breakfast
  • lunch: ceviche, Victoria’s burger
  • dinner: lobster curry, lobster ravioli, and fish your way with snapper

Belize Chocolate Company

They let you “try before you buy” the chocolate, but you won’t need to because it’s so good! We got a box of chocolates, some chocolate chip cookies, and a couple drinks, including a refreshing chocolate iced tea. Plus you can’t beat the view from the back porch. 



Victoria House was a fantastic hotel, and we will definitely stay there on any future visit. The hotel has it all from service, views, food, amenities and activities. 


Ho Chan Marine Park

This snorkeling paradise is absolutely beautiful. From different kinds of rays, baby nurse sharks and eels, this spot is a must for snorkelers and divers.


Ho Chan is a protected marine park so make sure you have paperwork for the rangers when you go snorkel or dive. Most tour companies will let you know or take care of it for you.


Shark Ray Alley

This spot is amazing! This is where you can see 6 to 8 feet nurse sharks and adult rays up-close because they are accustomed to the boat sounds, and will come to the boats for fish chum.

FullSizeRender_5The guides will bring some food in the water and show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. They may even help you “pet” the stingrays. However, it is best to admire the animals from a safe distance, especially from the boat while the chum bag is in the water. 


Mexico Rocks

One of best snorkel areas we have ever been to. If you’re an aquarium lover, this spot is perfect for you since it literally feels like you’re swimming in a fish tank. We saw sea turtles up-close, nurse sharks, lion fish and beautiful corals. 


Sunset Sail on the El Gato Catamaran

This is highly recommended! We added Mexico Rocks in addition to the sunset cruise and it was so worth it. The captain and snorkel guide were so accommodating and they even dropped us back to our hotel. 


Zip Lining and Cave Tubing at Chukka Jaguar Park Junction

The whole zip line was only 5-6 platforms so it goes by pretty quick. They’re also not that high, but you get an awesome view of the jungle around you.


Cave tubing is a must, especially if it’s your first time doing it. However, there is a 1 mile hike to the cave entrance. The cave has stalagmites, bats and ancient Mayan carvings. The guide showed us through the cave, and even let us jump off a tall ledge into the cave water, although this is not guaranteed. That was one of the highlights of the excursion! Ask the guide if the water is deep enough to jump beforehand.

Victoria House Spa

One of the best places we’ve been to for relaxation massages. We highly recommend going there even if you don’t stay at Victoria House. 


Must do: Victoria House Spa, Snorkel at Ho Chan Marine Park and Shark Ray Alley, Eat at Elvi’s

Go if you have time: Snorkel/Sunset Sail Adventure at Mexico Rocks, Full Day (12 hour) Zip lining and Cave Tubing Tour

Could have skipped: Downtown

Next time: Dive or fly over the Blue Hole, Secret Beach, Palabas Bar and Grill, Coco Cay Beach, Mayan Ruins

Heading to Belize for a mini vacation or cruise? We would love to hear about your plans!

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