Unique Foods To Try In China!

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Chinese cuisine offers up a variety of exiting new flavors and textures that will intrigue visitors, from the streets to high end restaurants. We’ve found six unique food experiences that you’ve got to try when you make it to this large diverse country.



This is a treat that might surprise visitors to China! Scorpions are a common street food and can be served fried, roasted or grilled. Yes, scorpions are poisonous– but the heat from cooking deactivates the poison.



This delicacy has a buttery taste with a chewiness similar to a scallop. Grilling brings out the flavors best.

Pigs Blood Cube


Pigs Blood Cube is also known as blood tofu. It is made from the coagulated blood of a pig. It has a soft texture and is often found in soup or a hot pot dish.

Octopus on a Stick


Whole small octopus fried or roasted on a stick is a common street food in China. Octopus has a light taste so it picks up the flavor of its sauce easily. It has a chewy texture.

Bathroom Themed Food


A new trend has taken over in China– bathroom themed restaurants! The chain Modern Toilet is located in many cities across the country, including Beijing and Hong Kong.

These restaurants really commit to the theme. Menu items have toilet-related names and foods are served resembling… well… you can imagine! You’ll sit on a toilet seat while you eat and get your drinks served in urine collection cups. This is not an experience for the squeamish!

Pork Floss Bun

These are traditional buns with a layer of mayonnaise and pork floss. Pork floss, also known as rousong, is dried pork with a fluffy texture. It is a common Chinese cooking ingredient. It is made by cooking pork in soy sauce until it becomes shredded, then drying it in the oven.

If you’ve traveled to China, have you had the chance to try any of these specialties? Or do you have any other recommendations for our readers? Let us know below!


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